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Information about *.Todon.*

*.Todon.* is a small radical leftist and anti-authoritarian collective that operates a few non-commercial and open-source services, mostly powered by the ActivityPub protocol.

  • If you use one of our services you should make yourself familiar with and accept our Terms of Service. Note that these terms can be changed by us for various reasons, so don't forget to check from time to time if you still accept them.

  • Our Privacy Policy is the default privacy policy from Mastodon, but is also valid for our other services. Keep in mind that our servers are located in the European Union.

We operate two Mastodon servers:

  • Todon.nl (online since April 29, 2017)

  • Todon.eu (online since July 17, 2020)

  • Please read Todon 101 if you are new on one of our Mastodon servers

  • Todon.eu and Todon.nl are twin servers. Although the local timelines are different, the features, the moderators, the admin, the terms of service, the domain and user blocks are the same. Both servers are also connected by a relay server.

  • Registrations on our Mastodon servers are approval only. We would like you to take your time to tell us why you want to join us. Why especially Todon.eu or Todon.nl and not one of the many other Mastodon servers? Just help us to make our job to approve your request easier.

  • Our Mastodon servers have no restrictions in where you're from or what language you speak, although we advise Dutch speaking people to join Todon.nl.

Other services we operatie are known under the umbrella name Todon Tools. For every service listed here you need a Mastodon account on of our two servers. Exceptions can be made. More information on the corresponding service.