• You can send an email to todon /a|t\ if you think that a user on one of our services* has infringed your copyright.
  • We need to have convincing proof that you are the copyright holder of a particular item that is stored on our servers and published by one of our users. We need to see copyright documents and the URL of that particular item. If we agree with your copyright claim, we will delete the offending item and inform the user who published it. If we don’t agree with you, we will let you know in an email reply that we don’t take any action. If you are outside our jurisdiction (EU), any legal actions from you following our decision will be ignored.
  • Note that most items that are shared on our services fall under citation right (EU) or fair-use (US). Also note that according to our terms of service the user itself is responsible for anything they publish, not our volunteers.
  • Because of the nature of the federation protocol ActivityPub you can see items on our services, especially Mastodon and TodonTube, that do not originate from one of our services. We ask you to check from which server/instance the item originates and if it's not from one of our servers/instances*, please contact them. If they decide to remove the offending item, the federation protocol (ActivityPub) will make sure it will be deleted from our services as well.

*: Our services can be found on this page.