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These Terms of Service are only valid for If you can't agree with the conditions below, you can still use Mastodon, but you should use another server with different conditions. Or you can deploy your own server, where you can make your own rules.

  • During registration you have to pick a username. This username can't be changed later, so make sure it is the right one. If you are in doubt if your username is suitable, read our rules below first.
  • After you sign up, you have to verify your email address. Check your spam folder if you didn't receive a verification email.
  • We have to adhere to German, Dutch and European law. Leading for us however is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • You are personally fully responsible and accountable for what you publish on Without any exception, whether you use a pseudonym/alias or not. In other words: we from, and the Mastodon Project in general are completely not responsible and accountable for what you publish, in any form whatsoever.
  • We do not accept (among other things),
    • Racism (in all its forms):
      • Definition: Any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race [as a social construct], color, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life [incl. e.g. hate against Muslims, antisemitism, apartheid and casteism].
        (based on article 1 of the 'International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination')
    • Hate against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, pansexuals and such.
    • Hate against transgenders, non-binary people, intersexual people and such.
    • Hate against queer people in general.
    • Sexism, misogyny and hate against black women (misogynoir).
    • Fat-shaming.
    • Ableism.
    • and other forms of discrimination not mentioned here.
    • Harassment.
    • Trolling.
    • Hate speech.
    • (sexual) Abuse of minors, adults and animals (also not virtual).
    • Glorification of violence, calls for murder, death threats and terrorism.
    • Nationalism:
      • Explanation: We don't accept any form of nationalism of nation states. Regional nationalism (think about regional or ethnic self-determination and independence movements) is allowed, only without feeling superior than, or discriminating against, other regions, countries or people.
    • Colonialism and imperialism in all its forms (incl. Zionism).
    • Fascism, right-wing populism, and right-wing and religious extremism.
    • Evangelisation and other forms of religious propaganda [local only].
    • Extreme sects and cults.
    • Marxist-Leninists, Stalinists, Maoists or other followers of extreme authoritarian (so called) communist/socialist ideologies/regimes (aka tankies).
    • Capitalists, including so called 'anarcho-capitalists' (ancaps).
    • Anthropogenic climate change denial, COVID-19 denial/downplaying, anti-vaccination, (right-wing) conspiracy 'theories', hoaxes, fake news and other forms of disinformation.
    • and of course no spam and no commercial advertisement. If you publish continuously a very high number of public toots (excl. replies) in a short time (e.g. more than 1 toot every minute over a longer period of time), we might consider that as spamming.
    • Don't forget to add alt-text to your images. It's not mandatory on our servers, but we consider it a form of solidarity to do so. Of course this can be a long descriptive text, but also a few words can be enough. We understand that there can be valid reasons for not captioning your images. It's you who decides if your reasons are valid or not, but if you are in doubt, please use alt-text.
    • We understand that sometimes toots have an ironic or humorous context. We try to take that into account when moderating your content, but remember that irony and humor won't always exonerate you.
  • We accept all languages, although English, Dutch, German and Spanish are most popular on this server. Because of our multilingual moderation team we can moderate in English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.
  • Because we now have enough bots, we only accept bots if they really add something special to and if they post unlisted when not official. That's why you have to ask our admin (.eu/.nl) for approval first.
  • Please add 'parody' or 'unofficial' in bio's of fake accounts of (voluntary) famous people or organizations. Fake accounts of non-famous people are not allowed.
  • We always keep the right to limit or completely suspend (delete) your account. We are fortunately very tolerant and therefore we will always think twice before we take these actions.
  • Please use the report tool if you think someone on this server or another server did not comply with our rules. Note that sometimes rules are only valid for local users (see [local]).
  • It's okay to automatically cross-post from Twitter. Retweets are not allowed on public timelines (see config Mastodon Twitter Crossposter, in Moa it's always unlisted) and we advise to disable this all together (your followers will thank you). Quoted retweets are allowed on public timelines. We advise also to use a keyword to block crossposts of Twitter related tweets. It's mandatory to regularly check for interactions.
  • On, a few exceptions(*) aside, it's the responsibility of the user to determine which texts should be placed behind a content warning (CW) and which (video) images should be marked as sensitive (👁). Advice is to see how your followers do it.
  • When using a content warning or marking something as sensitive, don't forget to describe the reason why, and without triggering someone.
  • (*) We have made a few exceptions for local users. If we say that something doesn't need to be done, you can of course still do it. Please note that on other Mastodon servers these exceptions may be stricter or less severe.
    • You don't have to mark (tasteful) non-erotic nudity as sensitive, including art.
    • You must mark erotic and pornographic images as sensitive (👁). Please note that pornography is only allowed if there is no abuse (of minors, adults and animals), including commercial exploitation and misogyny (also not virtual). Allowed erotic/pornographic texts should go behind a content warning (CW).
      Warning: If you only post porn (or only follow porn accounts) than this is not the right server for you (there are many who are) and will we probably suspend you after a while.
    • You must mark bloody, violent, authoritarian, war and medical images as sensitive (👁). Text that describes these images in a graphical way should go behind a content warning (CW).
    • Please mark images of meat as sensitive (👁). Vegetarians and vegans will love you for it.
    • You must mark images of hard drugs, hard drugs use and excessive alcohol consumption as sensitive (👁). Texts with the same topic should go behind a content warning (CW).
    • You don't have to mark images of soft drugs (cannabis), soft drugs use and moderate alcohol consumption as sensitive.
    • Spoilers should go behind a content warning (CW).
    • Toots about or mentioning suicide, self-harm, abuse and rape should also go behind a content warning (CW).
  • Avatars and header images can't be marked as sensitive, and because avatar images are displayed on the public timelines, many people are forced to view them. So you understand we have to be stricter about these images, especially your avatar.
  • For avatars and headers we don't accept,
    • erotic, pornographic, bloody, violent, militarist, medical, nationalist (incl. flags/symbols of nation-states), racist, fascist, anti-queer/anti-LGBTQIA+, sexist/misogynist/misogynoir, ableist/fatshaming and terrorist images, and
    • images displaying war, hate speech, hard drugs, and (extreme) authoritarian, fascist, nazistic, extreme religious and right extremist symbols.
  • For avatars we also don't accept,
    • nudity (we make an exception for tasteful art), excessive alcohol consumption, weapons and meat.
  • We always reserve the right to remove your avatar or header image for other reasons (with explanation). Our moderators can easily remove your avatar and your header image.
  • Always add toots and additional comments to reports describing why you are reporting the user and/or toot. Or else our moderators have to magically guess why you are reporting someone and/or something.
  • Consider sending a copy of your report to a remote server. Keep in mind that remote servers have other rules or no rules at all. So what is not allowed on, can be allowed on another server, and visa versa.
  • Don't accuse people without proof.
  • Controversial reports are discussed with more than one moderator.
  • Please give our moderators time to investigate your report.
  • If you are not completely satisfied with our moderation policies, you can always mute and block users (and servers) by yourself.
  • Report complete servers/instances in a direct message to or
  • The default domain block policy on is that we prefer to silence servers. Blocking complete servers is something we won't do so easy. We think that blocking individual users by is a better approach.
  • We silence servers for various reasons. Of course servers that are clearly not compatible with our terms of services, but we also silence servers to keep our federate timeline readable for our target audience (like e.g. Japanese servers and servers that don't have language detection). Remember that you can also mute complete servers by yourself.
  • You can view our raw domain block list here.
  • Everything you toot is yours and stays yours. We don't own your content. You are free to release your toots under any kind of license. We advise you to use a Creative Commons license. You can put this in short in your bio. By default all rights are yours. Work from others is of course not your work and using that is completely your risk. So keep yourself well informed about the copyright of third party content. Usually more flexible conditions apply for embedded content and citations.
  •, and the Mastodon project cannot, in any way be held liable for damages and harm., and the Mastodon Project work hard to prevent fatal server and software failures, but we can never ever guarantee this. We make daily backups of the database.
  • We only upgrade to stable Mastodon versions (except when there is an urgent reason to deviate from this). We do this as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours after a stable release (it's our intention to inform you when it takes longer).
  • Our site, products and services are all directed to people who are at least 16 years old. If you are under the age of 16, per the requirements of the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) do not use this site.

Our terms of service can be updated by us. Check therefore regularly if you still approve above terms.